Rococode serves a tasty pop dish with a lingering aftertaste, thanks to equally repetitive and catchy hooks and harmonies.

Rococode-PanicAttack-300x300Panic Attack, Rococode’s first release since their debut album Guns, Sex & Glory, is seasoned with the salt and pepper of pop music: harmonies and repetitive, infectious melodies. Eponymous single, “Panic Attack,” is unquestionably their most seasoned dish, flaunting more flavor than substance, but delivering a flavor that’s lingering with a jaunty aftertaste.

While “Banks” and “The Escape” are admittedly mediocre musical efforts on balance, it’s hard not to feel the chorus (chorus’ probably compose over half the album, somehow) dashing through your head like a quantum bouncy-ball. “Never Tear Us Apart” in particular is pretentious-scoff worthy until the hook makes it an immediate guilty pleasure.

Panic Attack may assault you with lyrics straight out of Florence and the Machine’s waste bin, but, if it was sung in the chorus, you’ll remember every last word.

Recommended If You Like: Milo Greene, Dinosaur Bones

Recommended Tracks: 1 (Panic Attack), 4 (Never Tear Us Apart)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Logan Gossett on 11/20/15

KJHK 90.7 FM