Ty Segall Ty RexTy Segall produces mangled, gritty and fuzzed-up rock that is glorious in every way. So what’s next on his docket? How about giving T. Rex and Tyrannosaurus Rex his groovy twist? As the holidays role around, Ty Rex can function as a premium stocking stuffer; just make sure Santa doesn’t steal it first.

Ty Rex serves as both a portal to the past and a reassuring reminder that present-day music contains just as much shredding as ever. The second track, “Buick MacKane,” is loaded to the brim with distortion and pleasantly raucous vocals. “Woodland Rock” makes you and your booty want to be out on a dance floor jukin’ and jivin’. “Cat Black” is a strumming, kindhearted tribute to the feline in his life. The first track, “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart,” is sweet and tender goodness. Meanwhile, “20th Century Boy” instills the riot inside every single person who listens to it.

eHarmony would be drooling over this if these too paired on its website. While keeping everything as T. Rex and Tyrannosaurus as possible, Segall makes Ty Rex entirely his own. One of the greatest things about Segall is that when he is compiling an album, he ensures it can truly be deemed an album instead of nine homogeneous songs paired together.

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Recommended Tracks: ALL

Do Not Play: None

Written by Colin Smith on 12/03/15

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