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Useless Eaters: Live in San Francisco

819162019986_mainUseless Eaters is a punk band from San Francisco, but sound like a mix of British punk and post-punk. They have the driving bass and drums that give their songs that classic punk sound, but layer it with distorted, dark guitars that push it into Joy Division and post-punk territory.

The group described the show where they recorded this album as “one of those magic moments. BYOB, a basement, in the tenderloin of SF, a wicked goddamn band slaying their songs, and a perfect essence in the air—all the elements in place for a memorable evening.”

Live In San Francisco feels like they’re on the verge of something totally interesting and unique sounding—feedback, synths, etc, but they never quite reach it. That being said, Live in San Francisco is a great punk album, and if you like Joy Division or anything from that era of Brit-punk, you’ll love this record.

Recommended If You Like: Sex Pistols, Ramones, Thee Oh Sees, Joy Division, Buzzcocks

Recommended Tracks: 7 (Proper Conduct), 6 (Zulu), 9 (Hidden Fees), 11 (Aftershock)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Caroline Roe on 12/02/15