From Brazil to America

Across the PondLast week on Across the Pond, Rafael Dantas, a Petroleum Engineering student from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, came on to share his experiences and observations from his studies in the USA. Having started his university education off in medicine, Rafael switched to Petroleum Engineering a few years ago and hopes to work in the US for a major oil company.

The program, “Science Without Borders,” funded by the Brazilian government, gave Rafa the opportunity to study in the USA for a year and a half. In this episode Rafa shares the differences he has found in education, social life, and relationships, as well as his experiences learning English, which, before he came to Kansas, he spoke none of.


“Morena” by Los Hermanos, is a Portugese song included in the episode which Rafael wished to dedicate to his girlfriend, Nadia, who he has not seen in a year. Rafael will return to Brazil this summer, though, hopefully, not for long.

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