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Off the Mic: Melissa Yunk

Off the Mic

Off The MicDJ Name: Moe, Big Moe
Co-host: Her brother Zach
DJ Shift: Mondays 3-6pm
Other KJHK Contributions: Live Music Committee (Freshman and Sophomore year), DJ Shift (Freshman, Sophomore year), Street Team (Sophomore year, current year)
Year: Junior
Majors: Business (Marketing), Journalism (News & Information)
Favorite Color: Black for clothing, Maroon in general
Hobbies: Being outside, hiking, reading, hanging out with friends and being around animals
Favorite TV Shows: Twin Peaks, Skins, The Great British Bake Off

Ellie Fehlig: How did you hear about KJHK?
Melissa Yunk: I went to one of those involvement fairs that all freshmen go to and I just stopped at the table.
EF: So what made you want to stop at the table?
MY: I have always really liked music and I knew I wanted to get involved with something in that way. I don’t know, really. I just never really considered being a DJ and I was really shy when I was younger. The idea of not being seen but being able to just talk seemed really cool. It was a good way to get me out of my shell. It has been a lot of fun.

Off The MicEF: What kind of things have you learned or realized about yourself because of KJ?
MY: That is hard. I think I learned how outspoken I am. I guess I would not call myself shy at all anymore and I think that has a lot to do with KJ. Also, my love for music has definitely grown, especially in different kinds of music. I’m always looking for new genres and everything.
EF: So how has your taste in music grown? What did it used to be and what is it now?
MY: It kind of changed through stages of life. I went through the weird, punk, middle school stage. I’ve always loved oldies though. I think the way it’s changed with KJ is that it has opened my eyes to how much good local music there is. I have never really been a big fan of the top charts. I have really fallen in love with the local music scene. I guess I also love “alternative” and “not-as-popular hip hop.”  I am realizing how many different kinds of music there are and finding new music all the time.

EF: Who is your favorite local artist?
MY: I am really sad because it used to be Rev Gusto. I have been abroad for the last semester and so I did not know that they broke up. I found that out a few days ago. They were my favorite. Now they are gone. I really like Arc Flash, Toughies and Your Friend. She is great.
EF: Yeah, I saw her a couple weeks ago.
MY: I think I met you there (at her release show).
EF: Yeah, did I meet you?
MY: Yeah, I was outside.
EF: Oh yeah! Sorry, I met so many people that night. It is all a blur to me. Sorry!
MY: (laughing) You’re fine.

Off The Mic
This the new fad kids are into these days.

EF: Okay, so what would you say is your favorite memory at KJ?
MY: All of the live shows have been a lot of fun, especially being involved in Live Music staff. We got to work them and I like being able to meet everybody. We danced to “Chandelier” with SZA backstage. We spoke with Real Estate which is really cool because they are really good. We also brought The Griswolds. I had actually known them before. Helping them led to us getting free backstage passes to their show at the Granada later that night. Overall, it is the shows and all of the events that we’ve been able to put on. Everybody we have been able to meet has just been crazy.

EF: Yeah, that is awesome. What would you say is your favorite thing about being a DJ?
MY: My favorite thing about being a DJ is making people listen to whatever I want to listen to. I can make them listen to a crazy rap song one second and then Johnny Cash the next.
EF: Is that what you do?
MY: Sometimes, it depends. We try and do it in segments. I think, yesterday, we had an electronic segment and then it automatically went into old folk, like country. It is just fun.
EF: How would you describe the music that you play during your show? Is it just a little bit of everything?
MY: It always depends on the day. We have a few songs we play every time. We always play “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear but that’s an inside joke with my last show. It is a great song too. I love Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala so they are always in there. Our show is on Monday, so a lot of the time it just feels right to start with some sad or gloomy songs because it’s the start of the week.

Off The Mic
“Inspired by a Request”

EF: Do you have a name for your show?
MY: We’ve been trying to find one. Our last name is “Yunk” so you would think we would be able to do something fun with that, like rhyme it with “funk” or something. We have been on a creative drought. It does not have one right now but if you can think of anything you should let me know.
EF: The Funky Yunks? That is just the first thing that popped into my mind.
MY: We have tried “Getting Funky with the Yunkies” but that is just weird.


EF: Is there anything you struggled with before joining KJHK that you are now better at?
MY: I am from a pretty small town and my high school only had 200 people in it total, so you knew everybody. I was not very scared about coming here but it was definitely eye-opening for the first few weeks because you did not know anybody. KJHK definitely helped me find people that I get along with well. I made some really great friends. It has been really great in that sense.

Off The Mic
Mmm, that daily dose of ABBA…

EF: Yeah, I definitely feel the same way. So who are some of your favorite artists besides the local ones you’ve already mentioned?
MY: Almost all of them are dead which is really depressing. Johnny Cash is probably number one right now, maybe him, Elton John and Billy Joel.
EF: Ah, I love Billy Joel. He is one of my favorites.
MY: Right? He is so good. I was actually just listening to “Vienna” on my walk over here. That is where I studied abroad too. The main reason I picked that is because I was looking at all the schools and I did not know where any of these places were. I was like, “That’s a good song. I’m gonna go there.” It turned out to be great.
EF: I love it.
MY: I love those three artists. Oh, Elton John’s not dead. He is still alive.

EF: Okay, last prompt: describe yourself in three words.
MY: Three words? I’d say I’m optimistic, kind of sarcastic, and quirky.

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