Nap Eyes: Thought Rock Fish Scale

napeyesThought Rock Fish Scale is a quick and short follow-up to Nap Eyes’ debut album which was released only last year. This album slows down from their previous release but still creates the dynamic eruptions that won’t freak out your mother. The runtime of this album is only 35 minutes which makes it the perfect non-offensive soundtrack to a short family car ride (assumed that your family is not hugely uncool) without resorting to incredibly boring music.

The lyricism is often talking of banal subjects from a man who has not yet quit his day job stating in “Don’t Be Right” that “At the lab, they have turned off the hot-water heater / from the month of June right through until July” and then switching off to more fantastical subjects in songs such as “Stargazer” with its serpent kings. The Nova Scotian foursome draws a considerable amount of inspiration from other slacker-rock bands of the past, Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground in particular, to create an album that is suprisingly pleasant and intriguing despite the lack of anything that you could break a sweat while playing. The minimalist jams are perfect for chilling out and relaxing but this might not make anyone’s end of year favorites list.

Recommended If You Like: Foals, Devendra Banhart

Recommended Tracks: 1 (Mixer), 2 (Stargazer)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Mallory McFall on 02/24/16

KJHK 90.7 FM