Deep Sea Diver: Secrets

Deep Sea DiverSecrets has me saying to myself, “damn, this album rules!” but that’s not the kind of thing one can write into an album review. This album is one of those that is so good that you initially cannot quite find the words to describe it to other people.

Deep Sea Diver has a sound that really does not adhere to a single genre. Secrets‘ guitar work is a central element to all of the songs on this album, and there is a certain level of experimentation that goes on that has the best possible outcome. Tonally and rhythmically, the album ascends to unusual high realms for an artist within the vein of indie/alternative. The band is able to turn muscular, intelligent riffs into accessible, catchy songs as Secrets successfully elevates the traditional pop song archetype.

Lead singer, Jessica Dobson, is integral but you can feel so many other elements coming together in the album. The prototypical Deep Sea Diver arc exists along the lines of a slow, enjoyable build dotted with engaging, emotional moments. There is never a question of how to feel when you listen to any of the songs but just to feel. This is a completely addictive album full of grit and control.

Recommended If You Like: Mimicking Birds, Local Natives, Generationals, Fruit Bats

Recommended Tracks: 1 (Notice Me), 3 (Creatures of Comfort), 4 (Secrets), 6 (These Eyes), 9 (Body on the Tracks)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Shelby Sneed on 02/29/16