Off The Mic: Chad Onianwa

Off The Mic

Chad Onianwa

DJ Name: DJ DoggiejuniorIMG_4823
DJ Shift: Radio Afrika (Tuesdays, 9-10PM)
Major: Global & International Studies
Minor: French
Notable KJHK Contributions: 2015 Content Staff,
2015 Multimedia Staff, 2016 Arts & Culture Staff
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Bands: Kanye West, Mos Def,
Toro Y Moi, Lae Simms and Mo Kolours
Hobbies: Taking walks, painting,
skateboarding, amateur photography and finding new music

Carlos Calderon: So what got you interested with KJHK? What made you want to be involved?
Chad Oniawa: Well, David Simon is the guy who did Radio Afrika before me, and he was looking for a successor because he couldn’t do it that next semester. My friend in a class told me, “Hey, this guy’s looking for someone to take over his thing at KJHK; a radio DJ for Radio Afrika.” I thought it was right up my alley, so I met with David, talked to him a lot, and he told me the whole process of how to join, so I joined KJHK. I actually didn’t know anything about it honestly, so that random opportunity got me involved.
CC: So then you met your cohost, Erick, later on, correct?
CO: I already knew Erick. We have known each other since we were little. He came to KU after my freshman year and then he hopped onto Radio Afrika too.
CC: Ah, so that is how that worked out.
CO: Indeed.

CC: Why did you choose KU?
CO: I chose KU because it was the only place I applied to, and I was really broke at the time of  graduating. I did not want to pay other application fees. My sister went here and she graduated a year before I entered college, so I had visited Lawrence like a bunch of times. I was pretty familiar with the town. She recommended KU and said, IMG_4802“Yeah, you’ll definitely like it. You probably should not go to Wichita State (I am from Wichita). You will like it more and you will be more motivated because there is more to do.” She was totally right. I am pretty happy with my choice.

CC: Very cool. How do you feel that KJHK has helped you with where you want to go with your career or your major choice? How do you feel that all that you have done here intersects with what you do outside of the station?
CO: Well, my major is Global & Intl. Studies and I minor in French. At first glance, it is not super similar, but the whole Radio Afrika thing really helps out mainly because it is a global focus. What we have been doing with Radio Afrika more recently is talking about more educational topics and informing more people about Africa and the diaspora, issues, and new developments on the continent. So in regards to that, it has helped me talk about things related to my major in a different context outside of the classroom or outside of politics. People who ask us questions about what we are talking about are not super familiar. I have the chance to inform them. KJHK gives me an outlet to be productive.

CC: That is pretty admirable. But enough of the hard-hitting questions, what is your favorite decade? Post-50’s, at least.
CO: Dang, that is hard. I would have to say– ranked first to third– the 90’s, the 2000’s and the 60’s, in that order.
CC: Oh, I am down with those. The 90’s are really making a comeback.
CO: I think my 90’s pick is just built up nostalgia from when I was a kid, so that is probably why it is my favorite. The aesthetic puts me in a nice space. But I also think the 60’s are coming back really heavily.IMG_4803
CC: Definitely, there is such a huge revival of psychedelia and I really dig that. Flower power, huge glasses, etc.
CO: Yeah, you can see it with all the stores now; their fashion is definitely what is in now. New flower children and all that.

CC: So, one last question: what is something that people don’t know about you that you’d like them to know?
CO: Interesting question. I would say that even though I may not be very good at sparking the conversation, I really do genuinely enjoy talking with people and meeting new people. So yeah, do not be intimidated!
CC: Haha, I believe you on that.