Reading Series: Hurt People and Fake Literary Mailbag

Sunflower Reading Series – 2/29/16

This week KU alum and lecturer Cote Smith reads from and discusses his new, debut novel Hurt People, which is set in Leavenworth, Kansas and which Publishers Weekly lauded for its “razor-sharp characterizations” and “richly evoked period settings.” Among other things, we discuss Cote’s writing process and how he adapted his short story of the same title (which he wrote as an MFA student at KU) into the just-released novel. Our second segment of the week has our three co-hosts fielding question from our “Fake Literary Mailbag” and chatting about overrated classics, the best bookstores in the world, and what writers we’d like to have a beer with.
Cote Smith
Writer and KU lecturer Cote Smith talks with us about his debut novel, Hurt People.
Fake Mailbag

All the literary questions you ever wanted answered (and more!) are fielded as our hosts dig into our “Fake Literary Mailbag.”