Good Girls, Bad News EPGood Girls, Bad News is the debut solo EP from Lawrence singer/rapper, Raymond. Produced by Bradly Bones, a local musician and guitarist for Toughies, this four-track EP combines hip-hop and electronic elements found in the work of the Vivid Zebra collective coupled with Raymond’s pop and R&B presence. Despite its brevity, Good Girls, Bad News is a repeat cover-to-cover listen and the first of more projects to come as Raymond is currently working on future releases with Bradly Bones and Alccalh of Vivid Zebra.

The EP begins with soulful keys on the bittersweet introduction, “Close Call,” and Raymond confesses “I didn’t mean all the things I said / and maybe you didn’t mean all the things you did.” The track bleeds seamlessly into a more dynamic “F*ck ‘Em” as the EP gradually inclines. With the first half of Good Girls, Bad News largely of the soul, down-tempo variety, “Low” takes the EP to another level while maintaining the same stylistic voice. Hip-hop influences are most prominent here as Raymond sensually spells out with fine falsetto “You’re not the type to tell / let’s keep it on the low down.”

The project finishes on “Midnight,” with echoing R&B instrumentals and washed out vocals. “I’m caught in a dream world / I’m running on empty / just look in the mirror and you’ll see that you miss me” Raymond sings before ethereally fading away until he’s to be heard from next.

Recommended If You Like: Vivid Zebra, Bradly Bones, Alccalh, Tione, LION

Recommended Tracks: 3 (Low), 4 (Midnight), 2 (F*ck ‘Em), 1 (Close Call)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Harrison Hipp on 03/09/16