The People’s Punk Band: The Best Day On Earth Will Be The One When The Sun Kills Everyone

people's punk band lfkThe People’s Punk Band play a brand of melodic hardcore favored by old school bands like Misfits and Descendants, with perhaps some influence from punk bands that have flirted with alternative rock, like scene stalwarts Bad Religion. However, while The People’s Punk Band generally eschews the vocal bark and harsher sounds of old hardcore bands like Black Flag or Minor Threat, the aggression is still there.

Many of the songs on The Best Day On Earth Will Be The One When The Sun Kills Everyone¬†use fast tempos, distorted power chords, and typical accusatory lyrics that lets you know that, “Hey, this is punk rock.” The vocalist has a bellow similar to that of Glenn Danzig’s work in Misfits, but not quite as throaty; though he definitely possesses the characteristic vibrato. While this album may not break any new ground, most of the songs are catchy and memorable.

Recommended If You Like: Misfits, Descendants, Bad Religion

Recommended Tracks: 2 (Godawful), 4 (Soldier)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Josh Gaston on 03/16/16

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