Overlooked Arboretum Right Around The Corner

Just recently, I stumbled upon the Lawrence Rotary Arboretum, a man made site full of walking paths to get some exercise, a pergola, a few gazebo’s, and a what is called a Xeriscape 0garden. These kinds of gardens reduce the need for supplemental irrigation for their plants. There are also all new trees planted in honor of the Rotary club lining the paths.

The site itself is another beautiful addition to the community of Lawrence but often overlooked as a place to visit when competing with Clinton Lake. The man made water sources use a system of pumps to begin moving water to and fro and are honestly beautiful. The entire Arboretum was incredibly peaceful and a nice additionbench to our community.


It was all due to the Lawrence Rotary Club, the Jayhawk Breakfast Rotary Club and the Central Rotary Club who created the space in celebration of the Rotary International anniversary in 2005.flower


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