Death Grips: Bottomless Pit

tumblr_o49bw1azba1thbsyeo1_500Hailing from Sacramento, Calif., Death Grips is an experimental hip-hop/punk/electronic outfit that has reached infamy for its mysterious nature. Closely following their instrumental release Interview 2016, Bottomless Pit is a full-length LP that is packed with anger, depravity, and a quality of exploration that surpasses many of their previous releases.

Death Grips is an incredibly hard band to pin in realms musical, physical, and ideological. The classifications as hip-hop/punk/electronic are all terms that should be used extremely loosely as the sounds melt together and create what is almost a genre of its own. For this reason, Death Grips is definitively not for everybody. It is more often than not that one either loves or hates the music. Bottomless Pit is no different and is, in a manner of speaking, their most self-encompassing and focused album to date. Much to my own preference, fans of Ex-Military will be happy to know that there is an incredible amount of sampling on this release. In the same vein, fans of The Powers That B will be happy to know that much of this albums borrows elements of more organic instrumentation making it unbelievably loud and ten times as angry.

To be frank, fans of Death Grips will love this release. It is not only incredibly focused, but it also serves as an abridged anthology of sorts that perfectly synthesizes all sounds that Death Grips have picked up in the past five to six years. I do not recommend playing this record to an audience that is looking for anything even remotely quiet.


Recommended If You Like: Les Claypool
Recommended Tracks: 1(Giving Bad People Good Ideas), 2(Hot Head), 5(Eh), 11(Ring a Bell)
Do Not Play: The entire album is unworthy for broadcast. Instead, only play the accompanied instrumental tracks.
Written by Dylan Fox on 07/09/2016

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