The Stargazer Lilies: Door To The Sun

R-8647532-1468273785-2129.jpegThe Stargazer Lilies’ second LP Door To The Sun, released on Graveface, is as expansive as it is ethereal. Similar to their previous release, the songs in this album warp, pulse, and glow in a ghostly mist. Breathy vocals swim in and out of a murk of effect-laden guitars and synths. In songs such as Drive and Heaven and Hell, the aether is momentarily stripped away, shedding light on the beautiful melodies lurking in the fog. Door To The Sun is an apt title, this is epiphany music. It is the sonic equivalent of the morning sun rolling back the night, illuminating and dispelling the confusion that darkness brings.

Recommended If You Like: Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Lush
Recommended Tracks: 6, 2, 3
Do Not Play: Clean
Written by Ben Hitz on 07/24/2016

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