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Ben Millburn: Local Honey

1472838587_tmp_Unknown-1.jpg_thumbBen Millburn, hailing from Austin, Texas, is considered to be a fairly new artist to the scene; therefore, not a lot of information has yet to come out about him. His influences consist of Revolver, Kim Deal, and Pete Maravich. Local Honey is the second part to his two-part EP release. His first EP, Strange Love & Consequence, is all about chasing one’s┬ádreams. However, Local Honey is about dealing with obtaining these dreams. The guitars in this album have less distortion and the drums are not a primary focus, but the focus remains on his vocals, creating a soft, yet somewhat erie melody.

Recommended If You Like: Iron and Wine, Sea Wolf
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Honey, Help Me), 4 (Jenny Lee)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Jessica Rosenberg on 09/07/2016