Wilco's tenth studio album, Schmilco

Charts ‘n Adds: September 13th – September 20th, 2016


The last week of summer has come and gone and the charts have been as an all out brawl. Below KJHK’s Top 5 on Charts and Top 5 for Adds for CMJ this week are detailed below. Below that in the charts section are links to the reviews written by the Station’s wonderful reviewers.



    5. “Puberty 2” by Mitski

There are few albums that were released this past summer that were as visceral and heart-wrenching and visceral as “Puberty 2.” The Pacific Northwest singer-songwriter details the growing pains associated with adolescence and subtly hints at the myriad of ways that it has shaped her as a person. Tackling everything from insecurity to her identity struggles as a mixed Japanese and Caucasian individual. An angry Angel Olsen, there is a crazy range of quiet to rough, loud instrumentation. A late add to KJHK’s killer rotation line-up, this album is cut this week from rotation.


4. “Still Life” by Young Magic

A surprising sleeper hit this week, “Still Life” has hopped up the charts considerably from last week’s spot. Young Magic is an electronic duo from New York, New York composed of Melati Melay and Isaac Emmanuel. Similar to Purity Ring, their soulful album is jam-packed with dreamy pop vibes equipped with a ambient sonic landscape. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Melay brings a fresh worldly influence to this third studio release. This is Young Magic’s last week on rotation.


3. “Light Upon The Lake” by Whitney

After The Smith Westerns had split in 2014, Whitney was born out of those ashes with members Max Kakacek and Julien Ehrlich. The Chicago-based band released this indie thumper with noted heartland rock influence. This is an excellent album to sit back and relax to while crying over a relationship. There is little in the way of the falsetto heartbreak that is preached on this album and that is clear in its ranking on KJHK’s charts so long after its release. This album leaves rotation this week.


2. “My Woman” by Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen doesn’t want to be thought of as an up-and-coming folk icon anymore and it is clear in this LP. “My Woman” is a sound-driven record that smashes through car stereos with robust love frustrations. There is a decline in focus on lyrics – an element to Olsen’s previous albums that has stood out famously – though this does not mean that they carry any less weight. Only two weeks after being a top add at KJHK, Olsen has climbed the charts all the way to #2.


1. “Wildflower” by the Avalanches

The titan of summer remains at the top of our charts. Flowery summer beats clash with a pinch of cartoonish vulgarity drive this Australian trio’s sophomore LP. Released 16 years after their first record,”Since I Left You,” this record delivers with a noted switch in direction from the groovy night-life infested debut. This LP is a waltz in a field on a pretty day and its often subtly dark undertones are shoved way beneath tracks like “Sunshine” or “Saturday Night Inside Out.” After a monumental run on charts, this album will be leaving rotation this week.



3. “Sundur” by Pascal Pinion

A release from Iceland that isn’t Björk or Sigur Rós! Sundur is a folky release from the icy coasts of Scandinavia – and an incredibly solid one at that. Blending organic Icelandic beats and calm, traditional folk, sisters Ásthildur and Jófríður Ákadóttir are reaching the international market in an ambitious way. There is a calm vibe about it that transcends a lot out in the market. This album has been placed on Light Rotation.


2. “Gravity” by Arjun

Although hard to come by, solid jazz releases are always more than welcome here at KJHK. Founded by Snarky Puppy member Cory Henry, Arjun mixes rock and Jazz fusion in a beautiful way. Expect a ride of emotions directed by masterful guitar and complex instrumentation. Though guitar dominates this release, there is an excellent amount of comprehension and improvisation in the backing members. This album is placed on heavy rotation.


1. “Schmilco” by Wilco

It was expected. Backed by an all-star cast of musicians, wilco has broken down the doors with a solid release. Taking particular notice to members of the band like the famed Nels Cline who stand out immensely on this project, fans of Wilco will love it. Additionally, “Schmilco” acts as an excellent ambassador album – with tracks that deviate just perfectly enough to draw in new fans. This album has been placed on Medium Rotation.


1 AVALANCHES Wildflower Astralwerks
3 WHITNEY Light Upon The Lake Secretly Canadian
4 YOUNG MAGIC Still Life Carpark
5 MITSKI Puberty 2 Dead Oceans
6 BADBADNOTGOOD IV Innovative Leisure
7 DJ SHADOW The Mountain Will Fall Mass Appeal
8 MOON HOOCH Red Sky Hornblow
9 PREOCCUPATIONS Preoccupations Jagjaguwar
10 GRAPE ROOM Heart Of Gum
11 JERRY PAPER Toon Time Raw! Bayonet
12 CAVEMAN Otero War Cinematic
13 ANTHONY D’AMATO Cold Snap New West
14 DEAD GAZE Easy Travels Ernest Jenning
15 SUSAN Never Enough Volar
16 VINYL WILLIAMS Brunei Company
17 APHEX TWIN Cheetah [EP] Warp
18 FUTURE GENERATIONS Future Generations Frenchkiss
19 BAT FOR LASHES The Bride Warner Bros
20 CCR HEADCLEANER Tear Down The Wall In The Red
21 COUNTERCULTURE Not For Pressure [EP]
22 AJJ The Bible 2 SideOneDummy
23 BLOOD ORANGE Freetown Sound Domino
24 SWANS The Glowing Man Young God
25 WESTERN MEDICATION The Entertainers’ Secret Self-Released
28 PASCAL PINON Sundur Morr
29 ANOHNI Hopelessness Secretly Canadian
30 PI JA MA Radio Girl [EP] Bleepmachine



1 WILCO Schmilco Anti
2 ARJUN Gravity Pheromone
3 PASCAL PINON Sundur Morr
4 ALBUM LEAF Between Waves Relapse
5 NATURAL CHILD Okey Dokey Natural Child Records & Tapes
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