Bastille: Wild World

BASTILLEMany people consider Bastille to be too mainstream for alternative radio, mainly due to the fact that the band has managed on multiple occasions to break into the top 40 charts. But regardless of widespread likeability, Bastille is still highly regarded in the alt rock community, and with their most recent release, the band has veered away from the sound that brought them fame by incorporating more sound bites and electronic elements, but still remained true to their style of songwriting.

The biggest thing one notices when listening to this album is that Bastille is really touching on some very serious subjects through their lyrics, but they make their message more digestible by putting ideas to catchy bass lines. There is undoubtedly an underlying sadness that pervades their word choice but comes across in a way that disguises the true tone and meaning.

With an album that is as lengthy as this one, it’s fair to say that some of the songs just seem to be filler, which is great when you listen to the album in full, but less great when you are looking for singles to play on the radio. That said, there seems to be just the right balance between tunes that need air time and ones that can be saved for full album listening. The variety of sounds incorporated in each song, the pacing, and the unique quality of the lyrics make this album incredibly successful.

Recommended If You Like: Two Door Cinema Club, Foster the People, HAIM, Alt-j, Sir Sly
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Good Grief), 2 (The Currents), 8 (Send Them Off!), 11 (Blame), 12 (Fake It)
Do Not Play: 15 (Way Beyond)
Written by Shelby Sneed on 09/14/2016