Royal Teeth: Amateurs

imagesFun, uplifting, and will be sure to get you moving. Founded in 2010, a local group of friends got together in Louisiana and formed the band, Royal Teeth. Royal Teeth consist of four members including Gary Larsen, Nora Patterson, Josh Hefner, and Thomas Onebane. They classify themselves as an Indie Dance Pop group and their new album, Amateurs, displays this immensely. Each song has a youthful essence and makes one feel adventurous about the world in front of them. When looking for music to lighten the mood or get pumped up, Royal Teeth would make an excellent choice.

Recommended If You Like: Bear Hands, Magic Man, Blondfire, Leagues
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Kids Conspire), 2 (Is It Just Me), 3 (Paper Cut), 6 (Only You)
Do Not Play: 6 (Only You)
Written by Jessica Rosenberg on 09/22/2016

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