STELLA, a new artist debuting with the smokehouse R&B album, "selfish", delivers with a strong persona and unique vocals.

STELLA: selfish

1464026553_display_optThis debut album is what a smokehouse R&B album needs to be, smooth and silky beats coupled with unique vocals and music choices make this a new sound for a tired genre. STELLA shows her capacity for musical storytelling, as her album is a testament to some long forgotten relationship, or her constant struggle with intimacy. Never directly on the nose, STELLA offers sexual undercurrents in all of her songs, delivered with more meaning with her naturally seductive style. As an artist, STELLA represents a strong future for the new and upcoming genre of R&B-electronic fusion, but also shows how timeless the slow side of R&B can be. This album serves as a great mellowing catalyst, and could potentially become a nationally recognized album if STELLA funneled her talent with better marketing. I would recommend this album to anyone who is a fan contemporary R&B.

Recommended If You Like: Marian Hill, The Chainsmokers, Cashmere Cat
Recommended Tracks: Watch me, Selfish, Go Alone, Burn
Do Not Play: No albums are explicit in nature. I don’t believe there is profanity in this album.
Written by Zyrie Berry-Hendricks on 09/13/2016