Dead Gaze: Easy Travels

d7c5b4292386efca13a3516c1e445f9fDead Gaze, a Mississippi indie pop project headed by Cole Furlow, returns for their second LP, Easy Travels. Easy Travels, while preceded only by the groups debut LP Brain Holiday in 2013, effectively solidifies and fine tunes their infectious sound. The tone of the album is immediately set by commencing with the accurately named “Constantly Happy,” an upbeat pop anthem almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head. The memorable riffs and chorus of “Constantly Happy” are lost in the overall forgettable, yet well produced, “Wait for Nothing” and “Running All Around.” Though vacant at times, quality composition and production are relatively uniform throughout the LP. Tracks like “The Times” and “I Know A Guy” bring the breezy, upbeat flow expected from an indie pop album. As a whole, Easy Travels accomplished what it was meant to, though it introduced nothing revolutionary in the process.

Recommended If You Like: Vampire Weekend, Wavves
Recommended Tracks: Constantly Happy
Do Not Play: none
Written by Chloe Carlson on 09/29/2016

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