Mimes on Rollercoasters: Rock It!

Rockit-resizedI’d like to open this review with a story, if you’ll allow me. When I first happened upon this CD (the fourth by this band), I picked it up because of the cover, not because of any knowledge of the band. From the band name, to the cover art, which appears to be the grade of an amateur Photoshop project, to the band’s title, typed in Comic Sans, the most infamous of unprofessional fonts, in alternating black and white letters. I still picked it up, amused by the cover, and the CD case fell apart as soon as I opened it. I fully expected that the review I’m writing now would be one rejecting the album.
As it turns out, this CD is pretty good. Potentially very good, depending on your tastes.

The music sounds like something from the 1980s glam-rock edge of the musicverse, but is distinct enough from any of the bands of that era that it doesn’t feel like they’re copying something specific. Rock It! seems to go with a space theme, which comes across, as the music definitely feels like it could be playing in the background of any given space opera.
Interestingly, while the music itself and the song titles have a space theme, the actual lyrics do not. Most of the song lyrics talk about working class problems, relating them back to the space-themed song title. Then there’s the song “Differing Worlds,” which seems to talk about meeting an alien race, but upon further listening, is a thinly veiled allegory to European colonialism.
Ultimately, there are only a few minor problems with this album. The most egregious is, again, the use of Comic Sans on the cover. Otherwise, the album kind of falls flat at the end of the album, in the sense that while the later songs are fine, they don’t have the same surreal, ethereal vibe that the first half did, which makes them feel out of place. Overall, however, this is a fantastic album that you should at least take a listen to.

Recommended If You Like: The B-52s, Styx, Panda Bear
Recommended Tracks: Weightless, All Systems Down, Countdown
Do Not Play: none
Written by Alex McWhirt on 10/06/2016

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