Photo Credit: Andrew Conroy

Three Headed Thursdays: Tabla Rasa, Stone Grower, and KD Kuro

Every Thursday night, the Replay Lounge, located at the corner of 10th Street and Massachusetts, hosts an event called Three Headed Thursdays. The dive bar invites three touring or local Lawrence and Kansas City musicians to perform a brief set on the corner stage of the main room. This week, 13 October, the three acts were Tabla Rasa, Stone Grower and KD Kuro.

As he chimed in to the spacey voyeuristic beats which filled the air, a slightly small crowd gathered around the stage and filled the remaining bar stools surrounding the first act of the night, local Lawrence based rapper by the name of Tabla Rasa. Throughout his set of about TablaRasaseven songs, I took notice to the use of repetition to emphasize the stories of everyday life that he seemed to be telling in his songs. Hinting on knowledge gained through experience throughout his set, I found his lyrics to be deep and filled with empowerment and hopefulness. Though he stood somewhere around five foot eight, Tabla Rasa had no trouble displaying an all powerful stage presence. By the end of his set, the crowd had almost doubled.

Next to perform was Lawrence based band, Stone Grower. Distorted feedback pulsed through the room as the singer and bass player pumped out notes from his instrument to the hyped up crowd. Following to the tempo of the bass riffs came heavy metal influenced fills from the drummer, who sported a nice pair of safety goggles. I can predict that they were to protect himimg_3797-1 from an exploding drumstick as he tore the kit apart throughout the set. The four person garage rock group played a captivating set, utilizing deep modified vocals, powerful bass grooves and a unique mixture of funk and heavy metal.

The crowd had grown at this point in the night even though the time was well past midnight. Despite the growing hour, the psych was high for the final act, KD Kuro. The Kansas City based rapper took the stage with a contagious energy that seemed to

KD Kuro

awaken the entire room. Spacey beats came from his DJ table and the deep bass rattled the bottles behind the bar. He chimed into the beat with a luscious flow of rhythm, rhyme, and reason that seemed to speak straight from his homegrown KC roots. It was evident that KD Kuro knew what he was doing in front of the crowd. His stage presence peaked during one song where he made his way into the crowd, communicating and sharing the microphone with his fans.

This was my first time attending Three Headed Thursdays at The Replay Lounge. I can say for certain that I will be back next week for more of the best that LFK and KC have to offer.

Photo Credit: Andrew Conroy


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