Lola Rising: Westward Bound

14264241_1077475779037935_1391835963294387365_nDenver natives Paul medina Guevara, Woody Roberts, Kevin Eady, Matt Fink, Sarah Joelle Hoffenberg and Joe Z came to the consensus of forming a band. Not knowing what to call themselves the extracted the word ‘Lola’, meaning grandmother in Filipino, and the word ‘Rising’ to evoke imagery from their listeners. Overall their name alone posses spirituality and embraces the human condition as a whole. Despite that, their music is upbeat and loveable with soothing acoustics and fast tempos, at times. Their use of harmonies make their vibes familiar and thought- provoking. These harmonies can be most seen in their new album Westward Bound. This album contains continuous fun times and leaves you feeling as if the air had gotten lighter. This new album for Lola Rising is propelling the band farther than ever before. Lola is truly on the Rise.

Recommended If You Like: Iron and Wine, Sea Wolf, Beach Fossils, Best Friends, Sweet Leaf, Good Morning
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Westward Bound), 2 (Colorado), 3 (One Life), 4 (Roses In The Garden), 7 (Speck Of Dust), 9 (Keep On), 10 (Til There Was You)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Jessica Rosenberg on 10/27/2016

KJHK 90.7 FM