Bash & Pop: Anything Could Happen

Bash & Pop is the band that guitarist and vocalist Tommy Stinson formed after his previous band, The Replacements, first broke up in 1991. Bash & Pop produced a one-off record and then called it quits. History seems to be repeating itself because The Replacements reformed in order to tour from 2012-2015, and in their absence, Tommy decided to reform Bash & Pop.

Whereas Tommy Stinson was relegated to more of a supporting role as the bassist in The Replacements, Bash & Pop is very clearly his band. However, the comparisons to The Replacements are obvious. Tommy Stinson’s slightly nasally wail is definitely reminiscent of The Replacements’ main man, Paul Westerberg. The punk-turned-rock’n’roll stylings are also still there. The comparisons make even more sense since Stinson has said that some of tunes off of Anything Could Happen were supposed to be on The Replacements album that never came to fruition after their recent three-year run. The title track seems to be one such song that was intended for a Replacements release.

So, obviously, there is a lot for The Replacements fans to latch onto on Anything Could Happen. Nonetheless, there is a lot more rock-n-roll swagger here (a la The Rolling Stones) in the rock songs. Bash & Pop gets a lot more bluesy and honky-tonk than The Replacements ever did. “On The Rocks” and “Jesus Love You” are good examples of that aforementioned swing and swagger. However, songs like “Can’t Be Bothered” and “Anybody Else” recall the heart-on-sleeve introspection of The Replacements.

Anything Could Happen is a good album full of unpretentious, working-class rock-n-roll. The album drags in places, but it’s a more-than-worthy album in lieu of a new Replacements album.

Recommended If You Like: The Replacements, Paul Westerberg, Perfect, Drive-By Truckers, Soul Asylum, The Hold Steady
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Not This Time), 2 (On the Rocks), 3 (Anything Could Happen), 5 (Anybody Else), 6 (Can’t Be Bothered), 11 (Jesus Love You)
Do Not Play: 10 (Unf*** You)
Written by Josh Gaston on 02/08/2017

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