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Los Campesinos!: Sick Scenes

After more than three years, English fight-pop act Los Campesinos! has finally released a new album. As with all Los Campesinos! albums, it is hard to give an accurate review so soon after release. Usually, the albums get better on successive listens and, six months after release, the listener will find themselves adoring the album. Sick Scenes appears to be no different. Los Campesinos! have no altered their sound significantly enough to bother longtime fans and the music is aggressive and melodic enough to lure new acolytes. The expected lyrical tropes are once again in abundance: hyperliterate references; analogizing love to football (soccer); and a general existential malaise that seems unique to 20 and 30 somethings of a particular era. Of course, the album is far from a downer. Lead singer Gareth’s vocals cut through the kinetic instrumentals and are buoyed by the regular harmonized backing vocals during the chorus. “I Broke Up in Amarante” is by far the most infectious track on the album and will sure to be most listeners’ favorite; however, “A Litany/Heart Swells” is a strong darkhorse and will most likely be a song that grows on listeners. Highly recommended.

Recommended If You Like: Johnny Foreigner, Dananananaykroyd, PAWS
Recommended Tracks: 3, 5, 6, 10
Do Not Play: 1
Written by Mike Van Esler on 03/07/2017

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