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Lime Cordiale: Permanent Vacation

Oliver and Louis Leimback along with Amaru Derwent, James Jennings, Brendan Champion, and Nick Polovineo have come together to bring us their first full length debut, Permanent Vacation, as Lime Cordiale. The album title captures the 46 minute album’s beach rock sound. Lime Cordiale hails from Sydney and growing up on Australia’s northern beaches clearly influenced their surfer vibe.

Lime Cordiale has put out three EP’s, but Permanent Vacation gives them much more time to explore their sound. For serious Lime fans, do not worry, your dance-friendly tracks are still there, but they also show a more introspective side.

Songs like “Up in the Air” and “Other Way Round” are laid-back, while songs like “Temper Temper” are very upbeat. Despite the mood switches, this album definitely has cohesion. The cello, piano, keyboard, strings, and brass tie all the tunes together.

The Leimback brothers sing about passionate relationships on several tracks. “Temper Temper” describes how despite knowing their connection is wrong, “I don’t mind a little psycho” The relationship is a bit rough around the edges, but that seems to be the appeal. We see this theme again in “Risky Love” where he worries that “most likely you’re just taking it out on me.”

Permanent Vacation was released on Friday the 13th through Chugg Music. Lime’s 2015 EP, Road to Paradise, took us on the vacation we’ve been looking forward to. While indie-pop albums can often get lost in their genre, this album is nothing short of sublime.

Recommended If You Like: Grouplove, Portugal. The Man, Hippo Campus
Recommended Tracks: Temper Temper, Underground, Naturally
Do Not Play: None
Written by Miranda Roberts on 10/13/2017