Corniglia: Corniglia



Corniglia describes themselves as a “dark indie psychedelic” duo project from Perth Australia. Members Matt and Chloe teamed up for their self-titled debut with mellow tracks and lyrics revolving around how self-reflection in positive and negative manners.


Beach House and Wild Nothing are big inspirations on Corniglia. The album can easily replace your “Chill Anime Beats and Lo-fi Loops” playlist, much like Nocturne. However, unlike Nocturne, Corniglia doesn’t serve a purpose outside your homework or nightly routine playlist. The droopy melodies get too repetitive to be an actively enjoyable album.


If you’re coming straight from the new Beach House tracks this album serves as an appropriate listen to hype yourself up before 7’s release.


Corniglia is worth playing fully (at least once) in terms of white noise for studying, however, individual standout tracks are “But It Wasn’t That Long Ago,” Reflections,” and “Dear Sunday.”


Recommended Albums: Beach House “Lemon Glow” and Nocturne Wild Nothing


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