The Goon Sax: We’re Not Talking

The Goon Sax gives us perfectly awkward indie pop on their sophomore release, “We’re Not Talking.” Wichita Recordings released this Brisbane guitar pop album on September 14th.

James Harrison, Riley Jones, and Louis Forster have grown up since their first release, “Up To Anything.” Two years passed and the gang graduated from high school. The monumental transition that is 17 to 19 brings out a more reflective side from the band. On “Strange Light,” Riley sings “thought I was in love with the first boy I ever really saw.” Her talk-singing style makes these young adult realizations extremely relatable and makes the whole album feel more personable.

The first single released, “She Knows,” reflects the bands do-it-yourself style. They are human, and they learn as they go. The fast nature of this song has required them to practice a lot in order to strum fast enough with minimal string breakage. The next track, “Losing Myself’s” chorus of “looking at my bank account / and I’m feeling lonely / cause I got no money” felt extremely relatable to my college-student self. Other notable tracks include “Make Time 4 Love” and “Love Lost,” make sure you stick around for the bridge on the latter, it is to die for.

There’s no reason not to be talking about this release. In the Land Down Under, the phrase “goon sack” refers to a silver plastic bag of booze within a wine box, a symbol of youth. So grab some cheap wine, some friends, and sip on the latest Goon Sax release.

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Recommended Tracks: Make Time 4 Love, She Knows, Somewhere in Between, A Few Times Too Many
Do Not Play: None
Written by Miranda Roberts on 10/11/2018

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