Cat Power: Wanderer

Charlyn “Chan” Marshall, more commonly known as Cat Power, announced that her 10th album was “ready to go” in July of 2017, however we didn’t hear much else until the first single, “Wanderer,” was released a year later. Fast forward 79 days and the whole album was released. This was her first album not under Matador, her long-time label. This time around, the album was released through Domino Recordings. Chan’s label wasn’t the only big change in her life since her last release, “Sun,” six years prior. Chan turned 46 and had a baby boy (pictured on the album cover), and has matured in her artistry.

Chan’s mysterious vocal qualities sound fragile and raw, not to be confused with uncertainty or doubt. Cat Power’s latest release is a hard-hitting and powerful response to the often overlooked struggles of being a veteran in indie music. Chan felt trapped by Matador, the pressure to write hits, and gender stereotypes.

Lana Del Rey is featured on “Woman,” one of the record’s singles that shows her confidence as well as her desires. She brings a soft spoken power to her work that is so self-assured it doesn’t need to be forceful. Chan also covers Rihanna’s 2013 hit “Stay.” She plays with melodies and pauses in all the write places and gives these familiar lyrics completely new meaning.

Wanderer brings all that you love from Cat Power in a simpler form. There is a hazy calm in this self-made record that should not be underestimated. If you want to experience Chan’s lyrical intimacy in person, she began her worldwide tour in September. This is about finding yourself in a world that is anything but stagnant, so if you’re feeling lost get ready to lose yourself in 38 minutes of Chan’s airy vocals.

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Recommended Tracks: Wanderer, Woman, You Get, Stay
Do Not Play: None
Written by Miranda Roberts on 10/21/2018

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