July days, I’ve noticed, passes more quietly than other summer months. One day blends into another in 90 degree heat & everyone seems to be waiting for something like a memory or turning point or climax to stir us from the monotonous daze. Because every once in a while, we get one: a summer night that hits us with the full force of existence. A sunset that dawns urgently — chased by a summer night storm. A harmony of cold bottles and loud voices bouncing off the cooling concrete of an evening. Another street to jaywalk across. Another song in queue. July passes quietly. But if you listen closely, you can hear it sing.

Listen: ‘The Louvre’ by Lorde

— Fengxue Zhang

Beat the summertime heat and the perils of modern society. Stay hydrated and stay vigilant.

Listen: ‘Holy Shit’ by Father John Misty

— Miranda Roberts

The moon shows itself when the sun has yet to say goodnight, and reminds us of the inter-connectivity in lightness and darkness; something easily forgotten in the blur of hot, carefree summer days.

Listen: ‘Just Wait Til Next Year’ by John Maus

— Cami Koons


Translation: China Overseas Shipping Group

Translation: I, too, traveled far to get here — so we can glow soft gold & grow warmer together in the Sunday morning sun.

Listen: ‘Seaside’ by The Kooks


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