Harriette Pilbeam of Brisbane, better known as soloist Hatchie (or as the bassist and vocalist in the Australian indie group Babaganouj), has been singing and strumming since she was a child. Her passion for music continued into college, where she
studied music and is to thank for her current success, June 2019 release Keepsake.

Before Keepsake, Hatchie released her first single in 2017; “Try” established Hatchie’s dreamy shoegaze sound, and her second single, “Sure,” followed later that year. Both singles were staples on her EP Sugar and Spice, released in 2018. Her sound is widely compared to the Cocteau Twins and the Cranberries’ late Dolores O’Riordan. While both bands were very influential, she also cites Alvvays and My Bloody Valentine as being just as formative in her sound. Their influence shows. As Hatchie continues to carve her name into the world of dream-pop, her sound is likely to mature and differentiate itself from the rest of the genre.

Her pop-dominant range is evident in debut album Keepsake; it brings forth doses of nostalgia (as the title would suggest) and snippets from her friendships and past relationships, using her melodic vocals and layered instrumentals. The album begins with “Not That Kind,” an upbeat track of reflection that is wildly catchy. Keeping the same theme but upping the angst, “Unwanted Guest” is vengeful and features especially prominent synth. To round out the album, the tenth and final track, “Keep,” is very introspective and reflective. It ties the album together and will leave you optimistic for all to come from Hatchie. Keepsake is just the beginning for Pilbeam’s solo career, and with time, Hatchie will establish herself as a mainstay of shoegaze.

Recommended If You Like: Hazel English, Snail Mail, Empath, Japanese Breakfast
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Not That Kind), 5 (Unwanted Guest), 10 (Keep)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Amy Shea on 08/26/2019