Five Albums That Convinced KJHK to Become a Top Hits Station (SIKE!)

It’s a new decade. The winds are shifting. The times are changing.

We, the dedicated music connoisseurs at KJHK 90.7, have decided that as of today we will no longer be The Sound Alternative. Our radio station has shifted our mission to respect only those at the top of their game — pop music. Although many of us in the recent years have denied the top hits artists that were formative to our young, radio lives, we shall no longer live in shame. This transition will ensure that KJHK is catching up “with the times” but staying true to our roots. Here are some of the brilliant albums that contributed to our decision — that we will always remember fondly:

Name: Miranda Roberts

Album: Night Visions

Artist: Imagine Dragons

Review: While Imagine Dragons’ 2012 debut record, Night Visions is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, this album is anything but lifeless. While they sing about breathing in chemicals, I might as well have been, for how breathless I felt listening to this. While on the surface-level, it appears to just be an album of pop hits, it is so much more than that. This is a record to take with you to a desert island. This is a record to cry to. This is a record to grow up to. “It’s Time” to turn your Spotify off private-mode and let your friends join you “On Top Of The World.”

Name: Kalekidan Yeshiwas



Review: Sophomore albums are expected to flop, but for Walk the Moon that was not the case! TALKING IS HARD touches on multiple topics and levels of pop, all while keeping an upbeat unapologetic energy, ideal for long drives and cleaning your kitchen. “Portugal” is an essential song when making your senior year memories video for Facebook. The breakout track “Shut Up and Dance” is unbelievably catchy and follows you everywhere you go, making it hard to not know all of the words. For those who need a pick-me-up, or some motivational synths, TALKING IS HARD is the album for you.

Name: Jaya Chakka

Album: Owl City

Artist: Ocean Eyes

Review: Before Ms. Billie Eilish released her hit song of the same name, there was Owl City’s Ocean Eyes. Packed with feel-good electro-pop hits, Ocean Eyes marked young artist Adam Young’s debut into the music scene in 2009. Young’s music is whimsical and wacky; he sings about capturing tiny glowing bugs in jars, dental care, and wistful longing. His almost cartoonish voice floats seamlessly over a backdrop of synth-heavy magic. Thank you, Owl City, for shaping my childhood with your lovely melodies.

Name: Kade Schoenfeldt

Album: Hello My Name Is…

Artist: Bridgit Mendler

Review: Countless Disney channel stars have moved from the TV screen to the recording studio, but perhaps none have done so as successfully as Bridgit Mendler. On her debut album Hello My Name Is…, Miss Bridgit co-wrote all 12 tracks. This is especially impressive considering she was only TWENTY(!) years old when she wrote it. The introspection and emotion she offers through her songwriting shows her wisdom and talent as an artist beyond her years. Above all else, Miss Bridgit’s album presents a groundbreaking sound that no other artist achieved in the last decade. It’s incorporation of trap beats, sunshiney pop guitars, and out-of-this-world reggae rhythms give it a truly unique sound. If you missed this masterpiece in 2012, well…. Good Luck, Charlie.

Name: Jaya Chakka

Album: Who’s Ready to Party?

Artist: Fred Figglehorn

Review: Fred, the YouTube sensation of lore, did the impossible with Who’s Ready to Party?: he captured our ears alongside our hearts. This groundbreaking album shows the very best of Fred, from his horrible driving skills to his disturbing obsession with potatoes. Every single track is a hot mess in its own regard, but the overall album tells a surprisingly cohesive story. Plus, this album single-handedly scared me into flossing with the track “Don’t Forget to Brush.”

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