An Open Letter to KU

Dear KU,

For 45 years, KJHK has broadcasted student voices in order to provide a platform for sharing their personalities and passions with the community.

Not only do we work to empower our members, but we encourage all students to use their voices and wield their power.

The public status of the KU Student Body President Niya McAdoo does not constitute an exception to their right to express their beliefs, and by that same token, others have the right to state their opposition to those beliefs.

However, for the last 10 days, Niya has faced an unacceptable response that has included threatening comments, racial slurs, and being condemned for exercising their protected right.

There is a long history of university students fighting to express themselves freely, and we believe very strongly that the right for student voices to be heard, even those in leadership positions, should not be infringed. Furthermore, we believe that those that are angered by the Student Body President’s re-tweet do themselves and their communities a disservice if they decide to react using racial epithets and death threats instead of engaging in a dialogue around the reasons that a person of color might feel this way in modern-day America.

KJHK will not stand silent in the fight for free expression and anti-racism.


Kade Schoenfeldt, Station Manager
Wyatt Hall, Content Director
Natalie Lindsey, Communications Director
Cooper Hart, Programming Director
Keller Welton, Music Director
Patrick Sullivan, Music Director
Isabella Koscal, Development Director
Mazzy Martinez, Community Engagement Director
Emma Hopkins, Live Events Coordinator
Erin Bugee, Creative Director
Max Indiveri, In-Studio Director
Ellynn Mayo, Web Content Editor
Cole Billings, Audio Content Director
Fabian Rosales, Video Content Director

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