Photo Credit: Brooke Hemrick

Interview conducted by Betsey Lewis & Tyler Burkett

Video directed and edited by Sophia Leis

Introduction written by Betsey Lewis

As the sun set over Lawrence, Kansas one warm September Sunday, three fans of shoegaze and local music approached the front door of the house Virga practices in–cameras and questions in hand. They knocked, then chuckled nervously, as they awaited a reply. You see, these three KJHKers had been fangirling over a certain emerging band following their recent album release. Weeks of conversations and email chains had placed these three on one of the band members’ front porch this particular evening, and now that the moment was here, they were unsure quite how to proceed.

After a minute of sideways glances and fidgeting hands, the door opened to reveal a welcoming smile–also known as Lane, the lead guitarist for the band Virga. They invited the three KJHKers inside and upstairs. The evening progressed, and we were offered a glimpse into the multiplex microcosm that is Virga. We had the pleasure of watching their band perform selections from the album, as well as a Cat Power cover, and after some thorough jamming, we migrated to a couch downstairs where we had a really amazing conversation. The link to view this warm and enlightening September evening with Virga is *here*.

Virga is the Lawrence-based project of Faith, Lane, Billy, and Deegan. With its esoteric, midwest shoegaze instrumentation layered with rich lyricism and vocals reminiscent of Cat Power, Indigo De Souza, and Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries, Virga, the band’s titular debut LP, is an excitingly nuanced listen. As my lengthy description may have suggested, Virga is not a band easily pinned down to one categorization. Rather, they are a sound in flux with each song on the album distinct from the last. Reflection, contemplation, assurance, rage, the extension of connection–all of these are embedded in Virga’s story. You can listen to Virga on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. Their Instagram is @virgaband. Follow them so you can stay updated about upcoming shows and new releases!