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Nous Non Plus: “Freudian Slip”

French pop music is all you need to know.

The only thing that comes out of this album is happiness. Nous Non Plus are a NY band that play French music but, really, it’s only awesome pop music in French. Most of the tracks have simple acoustic guitar chords, tambourines and clapping. What more do you need? Some tracks tumble more towards synth-based tracks and those, in my opinion, are the low points of the tracks. Although, they may be your cup of tea. Give it a spin!

Reviewed by: Zachary Graham

RIYL: The pillows, The pillows, They are a French version of The pillows

Recommended Tracks: 7, 1, 4 but play them all. 8 is mellow and cool but 10 min

FCC Warning: none

Label: Aeronaut

Release Date: October 17th, 2011