Fungi Girls: “Some Easy Magic”

Some sweet spring garage music.

The first time I listened to this I wasn’t incredibly impressed. I was probably in a bad mood or something, because upon my second and succeeding listens it continues to grow on me more and more. It’s lo-fi, catchy, psych-garage surf with hazy vocals. Yes, they’re from Texas. No, it’s not groundbreaking or technical. However, they do it better than a lot of bands and have shared the stage with some pretty notable acts. And they’re like 17!

Reviewed by: Lindsay Schell on April 8, 2012

RIYL: Thee Oh Sees, Crystal Stilts, Ty Segal

Recommended Tracks: 3 (very Crystal Stilts), 9, 11 and 5

FCC Warning: None, but avoid 1 (50 second instrumental). 8 is also instrumental.

Label: HoZac

Release Date: September, 2011

KJHK 90.7 FM