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Deerhoof: Breakup Song

Not your typical break up song

Deerhoof is one of the most consistently good bands going today. Their songs are a weird mixture of off the wall musicality and quirky cuteness that should not work on paper but is absolutely fantastic on record. Their newest album is no different, with a title like Breakup Song one would expect an album full of depressed emotional catharsis, but that is not the case. Instead, Breakup Song is filled with upbeat and catchy noise pop songs that prove not all breakup songs need to be low-key. On a side-note, if you haven’t seen these guys live you’re really missing out. I saw them open for the Flaming Lips and they almost blew the Lips off the stage with how great they were.
RIYL: Quirky and cute Noise Pop
REC: ALL (seriously they’re all great)
FCC: None
Label: Polyvinyl
Release Date: September 04, 2012
Jake Waters reviewed this album on September 9, 2012