Deerhoof: The Magic

deerhoof-cover_sq-a07a5fa367ca9e727bb61025f8b28f894f989c93-s300-c85The Magic finds the avant-garde noise pop group Deerhoof at their most accessible, but that doesn’t mean they’ve laid off the weirdness. Musically they’ve streamlined their more chaotic elements while still maintaining a fringe element that long time fans love. This album is a perfect starting point for fans who have found their previous work to be too out there and is still a decent release for long time fans.

Recommended If You Like: Melt-Banana, of Montreal, early Flaming Lips
Recommended Tracks: 10 (Acceptance Speech), 6 (Model Behaviour), 4 (Life is Suffering)
Do Not Play: FCC Clean
Written by Rachel Bennett on 07/10/2016

KJHK 90.7 FM