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Buke and Gase-General Dome

Break out the flannel because grunge is back

The first thing that dragged me into Buke and Gase was the contrast of grungy guitars and the crystalline voice of Arone Dyer.  What kept me hooked throughout the album though, was the uniqueness of each song and the level of craft that could be found in each one.  While the counter play between guitar and vocals ties the whole album together, there is no way to mistake any of their songs for another.  Whether it’s the often whacky lyrics or unconventional dissonance each song has its own life and is worth listening to all the way through.  On top of that is the expert layering of additional sounds, from tambourines glazing over the deep pump of drums, to eerie piano chords, ephemeral back up vocals, and sometimes inexplicable but perfect sounds that help make the track.  Buke and Gase’s latest album is a tour de force of eclectic, unusual, and powerful sound that for all its strength is surprisingly easy to jump right into, give this album a listen and you won’t be disappointed.

Think:  Crisp, clean vocals surrounded by layered, eclectic grunge
REC: 1, 2, 9, 10
Not Rec: 6, 8 (Unless you want 30 seconds of fuzzed out noise)
FCC: 7, 13
Label: Brassland
Release Date: January 29, 2013

Sean Turner reviewed this album on Feb. 3, 2013