Quiet Hollers – I Am the Morning

Hard drinkin’ Alt-Country on this debut

I Am The Morning is the Quiet Hollers debut album together. They started as just a band to play at Shadwick Wilde’s solo debut, but ended up staying together. The lead singer Shadwick WIlde has a soulful voice that is very suited to the country feel of their music. “Road Song”  gets you hooked from the first line and makes you want to hear the rest of the album which doesn’t disappoint.  “Flying Song” ends the album on a high note that satisfies the listener.  The middle of the album is filled with wonderful vocals and instrumentals from the band as a whole.  The fact that two of the members of this band used to play for punk bands is really interesting since this album is nowhere near being punk.  Wilde has found his niche in this genre as a singer/songwriter in what he likes to call “Yes Depression.”

Think: Lumineers, Lucero, Deer Tick
REC: 1,2,6,7,8,
FCC: Clean
Label: Quiet Hollers
Date Released: Apr 1, 2013

Reviewed By Ethan Graham




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