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The Fresh & Onlys–House of Spirits

Great to listen to when the sun is high and the air is dry.

House of Spirits is San Francisco psych rock band The Fresh & Onlys fifth full length album. It’s a chill combination of garage, surfer, and psychedelic rock. It contains simple guitar riffs, straight-forward bass lines, and crooning vocals. House of Spirits has a bit of a hazy, dark atmosphere. Thus it isn’t as melodic and infectious as some of their previous work. The lyrics are fairly reflective and personal.  “Home is Where?” starts off slow and melancholy but swiftly moves into a nodding groove.  “Animal of One” has a desert rock vibe. I can imagine the music video now: circling vultures, cacti, and a tumbleweed.

“Ballerina” has an innocent sweet melody and more western guitars. “Hummingbird” is quick, punchy and a bit punk.  “April Fools” is one of the more upbeat and happy go lucky tracks on the album.  It’s basically a bunch of quips about various holidays during the year.  All and all each track is pleasant to listen to. Play this when the sun is high and the air is dry.


Recommended if you like: White Fence, The Babies, Foxygen

Label: Mexican Summer

Release: June 10, 2014

Reviewed by Emilie Stafford 6/19/14

If you’d like to hear this band live, check them out at the Czar Bar in Kansas CIty, MO on the 29th of July!