Title Fight: Hyperview

Title Fight combines diverse influences and creates a solid album.

Twelve years ago, high school twin brothers and a friend formed a hardcore influenced punk band in the local PA music scene. A decade plus later with many transitions to Title Fight’s sound, Hyperview is being released—a dreamy post punk LP.

One thing to get from this album is that they aren’t afraid to produce the music they want without subscribing to a particular genre. They have had shoegaze, noise rock, melodic hardcore, and pop punk elements through the years and this album is no different.

The first track is a dreamy intro that is very calming and, well, beautiful. The track to follow fits more into their typical sound. It’s upbeat and a touch rougher around the edges. The third track keeps up with the same feel as track two. The fourth is more similar to jangle pop artists such the Smiths. Track five is just as dreamy as the intro but with even sweeter vocals. My favorite track, “Rose of Sharon” is next with its moving guitars and its low mixed, angst driven vocals. This is the sparkling gem of this album. Play with lots of 80s alternative bands that are known for their noise levels i.e. Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Hüsker Dü. If you really like the sixth track but want to give a different track a chance, seven flows perfectly with six. With the next track, “Liar’s Love,” the drums are more prominent and moving. “Dizzy” is another dreamy track with a bit more of a drive. The last track is a great end to an album that flows so perfectly.

This album is great, especially if you like the post punk and post hardcore from years passed. These guys know how to write, record, and produce a top notch album.

Recommended if you like: Dinosaur Jr., the Smiths, My Bloody Valentine

Recommended tracks: “Rose of Sharon,” “Mrahc,” “Chlorine,” and “Murder Your Memory” (Pick your own personal favorites—all are great.)

Reviewed by Rachel Bennett on February 6, 2015


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