homepage_large.3d6c305eConsisting of subtle beats, distinctive electronics, and sci-fi inspired synth work akin to that of the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack, MG’s self-titled album was satisfying to listen to. It stood out from the crowd of modern electronic music and somehow created a modern feel with the use of archaic sounding technology.

Though the songs are often minimalistic and additive/subtractive, each tune remains interesting through the atmospheric aura as well as the dynamics each instrument offers. Every voice sounds full and clean, and always serve to compliment all of the other elements of the song.

If you want to feel like you’ve arrived in a cyberpunk dystopia, this is the album for you.

Recommended If You Like: Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy Soundtrack, Blade Runner
Recommended Tracks: 5 (Brink), 12 (Crowly), 1 (Pinking), 9 (stealth), 16 (Blade)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Shane Blair on 05/01/2015

KJHK 90.7 FM