Pale Honey: Pale Honey

51BaDUFA5PL._SL300Minimalistic pop makers Pale Honey impress with their self-titled album. Pale Honey is simple and light and overall refreshing. Some parts you catchy, some parts are cool, and all parts are just wonderful.

This album has soulful vocals similar to Santigold and Banks that are at times soft and uncomplicated like Love Inks. Overall, their vibe is very similar to Love Inks but with more complex and interesting instrumentation such as unique synths.

Songs like “0100” and “Desert” have light and melodic vocals like artists such as Tennis, while “Over Your Head” and “Fish” have faster paced in your face aesthetics.

This is a pretty great album, and I suggest to everyone to give it a chance.

Recommended If You Like: Love Inks, Santigold, Banks
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Over Your Head), 7 (Desert), 9 (0100)
Do Not Play: Clean
Written by Rachel Bennett on 05/13/2015

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