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EZTV: Calling Out

EZTV-Calling-OutCalling Out is the debut album of the Brooklyn indie rockers EZTV. The band met during a tryout for J. Spaceman’s recent US tour as Spiritualized. Fortunately, none of them got the job. Armed with 30 demos recorded on an old Toscam 8-track, EZTV recorded Calling Out at Thump Studios in Brooklyn.

The album is a refreshing blend of college radio staples and 70’s pop ballads. The guitars have just enough jangle to stay in rotation for at least the next decade. Lead vocalist Ezra Tenenbaum has a spacious, sort of vintage sound reminiscent of Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala fame).

The melodies on most of the tracks are varied enough to make the album listenable for the whole way through, which I recommend for the uninitiated.
While some tracks stand about others, all are worth a listen or three. “Soft Tension”, “The Light” and “Bury Your Heart” are personal favorites.

Recommended If You Like: Tame Impala, Television

Recommended Tracks: 3 (The Light), 6 (Soft Tension), 1 (Bury Your Heart), 7 (Dust in the Sky)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Andy Fiala on 08/02/2015