The Ocean Party: Light Weight

11856249_10153084418697263_15473172251284196_oThe Ocean Party has the makings of an angsty, dreamy, Smiths-esque alternative rock powerhouse. Based in Australia, the six-piece continues to pump out great track after great track. Light Weight is solid from top to bottom, and there is a song for every taste.

It is important to note that this album spun at least 10 times through before the writing of this review. It’s one of those that you just keep going back to because each time you listen you hear something else that you like. There is a sort of vague nostalgia that comes with listening to this album, and it makes you want to listen more closely and give it your full attention. The band draws you in with a mellow instrumentation that is almost hypnotic.

Something raw and natural about Light Weight comes through in each of the songs. Not to use the term “relatable,” but that is kind of where the mind goes when thinking about The Ocean Party’s lyrics. The band deals with issues many people face, but they do it in a way that does not come across as insincere. The lyrics have real meaning to them, and the emotion that is conveyed really connects the band with its audience.

Recommended If You Like: Real Estate, The War On Drugs, Mac DeMarco, Kurt Vile, Noah & the Whale, Wild Nothing

Recommended Tracks: 1 (Black Blood), 4 (Guess Work), 5 (Greedy), 7 (Anything), 10 (Grow Up)

Do Not Play: 3 (Phone Sex)

Written by Shelby Sneed on 02/06/16

KJHK 90.7 FM