17314Tacocat’s latest release is many things. One thing it is not is unique. Don’t be confused, it’s catchy, fun, and enjoyable; however, it is still your average surf rock. This female-fronted album does have some variation from track to track, but if you’ve heard previous releases from Tacocat then you’ve heard it all.

The band’s earlier material is more energetic and compelling but the recent release, Lost Time, is more fine-tuned and thoughtfully fleshed out. Feminist themes in the lyrics found on select tracks are also a plus. Lost Time is a fun album and fits right in with KJHK’s airwaves, but it isn’t groundbreaking.

Recommended If You Like: Shannon and the Clams, Peach Kelli Pop, Colleen Green

Recommended Tracks: 3 (I Love Seattle), 1 (Dana Katherine Scully), 5 (You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit), 6 (You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit)

Do Not Play: 2 (FDP) and 4 (I Hate the Weekend)

Written by Rachel Bennett on 03/26/16