Sunwatchers: Sunwatchers

CF-070cover_medium_image_optSunwatchers start rolling through your headphones and into your ears. “What the heck is this…I like it, I really…but what exactly is this,” you say. If you asked Sunwatchers—who originate from New York—they would tell you they dabble in the punk and jazz drone genres.

In more descriptive terms, it is a mangled yet reformed convergence of keys, alto sax, electric bass, and drums. The combination of sax and drums evokes the comparison to Moon Hooch, but these messiahs of jazz drone are doing their own thing. Unfortunately, there are only seven interwoven, kick-butt, wailing, sexy saxophone songs to go around.

If you ever felt the need to question anything ever in your life, Sunwatchers provides the perfect backdrop for that philosophical think sesh. Or, if you ever have imagined what a snake charming, saxophone wielding, New York subway performer and a drummer banging away in the background would sound like mashed up, it is finally on tape.This is madness, and sanity becoming one.

Recommended If You Like: Sun City Girls, Chris Forsyth, Terry Riley, Moon Hooch

Recommended Tracks: ALL, 5 (Ape Phases), 2 (For Sunny), 1 (Herd of Creeps)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Colin Smith on 04/11/16