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Chiefs perfect, KU homecoming prep

Bonnie Henrickson meets reports

KU Women’s Basketball Media Day

Week 6-Conference Call

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Christian

Big 12 finally has its first full week of conference play

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South Dakota State v Kansas

Talks about the upcoming Texas Tech game

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Weekday sports series broadcasts from the Union studio

Vobach Sportstalk 9.26.13

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Tate talks about deviance in sports and asks are we in the right place as a society in sports?

My Fantasy

Week 10 Breakdown

Week 4 Breakdown

Big 12 Week 5-Scary Play


 Recent play can be considered to be deadly….

KU wins at the last-second FG, 13-10

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Week 4 Big 12 Rankings


Big 12 must bounce back from shaky play