Farmer’s Ball 2011: Pre-party!

KJHK’s weekend of great local music kicked off Oct. 13. Check out pictures from the event. 

Before the battle of the bands kicked off— that is, our eight contestants: AtillaCaptain Ahab and the NarwhalsDishesFire in the Churchyard, Instant TraditionPanda CircusRoyal and Strider — on Friday and Saturday, we got Farmer’s Ball weekend started with a stellar pre-party Thursday night at the Jackpot Music Hall.


Jordan Geiger of Hospital Ships at the Farmer's Ball Pre-Party.


The 9 p.m. show featured Farmer’s Ball 2010 winners The Will Nots, plus Nezbeat and Hospital Ships (featured on a little outlet known as NPR here, here and here). It’s hosted by Tyga Style of Team Bear Club


2010 Farmer's Ball winners The Will Nots perform at the Jackpot Oct. 13.







*For more on the bands in this year’s contest, check out our announcement post here.






photos by  yvonne christina sáenz

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